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New Large Tonka Big Rig Toy Semi Trucks Called Tonka Gear Jammers

There are two new Tonka toy semi trucks in the market called the Tonka Gear Jammers. Its a free-wheeling toy semi truck meaning the wheels are not motorised and you should push the toy and make it move.
tonka semi truck

It has buttons and a shifter in the driver cabs back  like in this second picture. There are 7 buttons in the back of the truck driver cab. Pressing each will make a different realistic sound.
tonka truck body

Tonka Gear jammers

Tonka says, “Tonka Gear Jammers are large free-wheeling semi-trucks loaded with features! Grab the gear, shift into action and activate flashing lights and 7 realistic sounds! With Tonka Gear Jammers, you’re in control! Features: Free-Wheeling Semi, Working Shifter, Lights and Sounds”

This toy truck comes in two colors. Red and blue. Here is how the blue one looks like.
toy semi truck

This is how they look like in packaging.

toy big rig

tonka semi trucks

Funrise Toys are the manufacturers of this Tonka trucks with licensed from Hasbro Toys who are the owners of Tonka trademark. They say these semi trucks are made to Tonka Tough, so they are very durable, quality toys.

These trucks are available at a big discount at Amazon from the original retail price.

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